A Message by Dee Corwin and Charlotte Hunter

As 2007 ends and as a new year begins, we want to say Thank You to the Friends who have volunteered their time and effort to our library. Their ability to generate public awareness has success-fully increased the number and quality of books being donated.

The sale of donated books not only raises money for many of the Lacey Library programs and services. It provides low-cost reading material for the community.

Due to our limited storage space, only the better donations are priced for the book sale. Others are given away. One volunteer sorts and donates the discards. Paper-backs and children’s books go to the Nisqually Library. Hardback books are sorted by category and are donated to a wide variety of locations. For example, books about the military, self-help, do-it-yourself, and religion are divided between McChord AFB and Ft Lewis. Foreign language books are distributed where they will find the most use, for example, Japanese books to River Ridge High School and Korean books to the Korean Women’s Institute. Other books go to the Goodwill. Of course, there are always the moldy books we have no choice but to toss into the recycle bin.


Happy New Year

Include the Library in Your Resolutions for 2008

  • Resolve to visit the library at least twice a month. Something new is added every day.
  • Send a donation to the library Foundation.
  • Ask someone to join the Friends of the Lacey Library.
  • Read to a child, and know that you are helping to foster a life long reader.
  • Volunteer to help with programs and other events.
  • Consider giving funds to purchase a book in memory or honor of someone.
  • Request for consideration materials you would like for the library to purchase.
  • Uphold the freedom of every individual to read what he or she chooses to read.