More Tips for Library Take Out

Thank you all for your patience as we figure out Library Takeout here in Lacey! We’ve assembled some tips and tricks for Library Takeout success for you because we love it when our patrons are happy. As time goes on, we’ll continue to tweak our processes so that things run as smoothly as possible. (long but thorough post alert!

  •  Our Library Takeout hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Masks are required for Library Takeout service and we are doing our best to keep our patrons and staff 6 feet apart while still providing service. Thank you for keeping library staff, yourself, and your neighbors safe!
  • So far, our busiest hours are from 1 to 2:30 pm. If you want to avoid the rush, we suggest you come between 3 and 5 pm.
  • If you’re using the walkup service, look for the red distancing dots along the sidewalk on the right-hand side of our building. There will usually be a line there.
  • A bit about our process: currently, we have four assigned spots for service. Once you speak to library staff after waiting in the walkup line, you will be assigned to spot 1 or 2 in front of the library. If you speak to library staff on the phone, you will be assigned to spot 3 or 4 in front of the library. These waiting spots are designed to keep our patrons distanced from each other and from library staff. After your number is called, you can head up to the front of the library to retrieve your materials.
  • Please save us some time and have your library card ready when you call or wait in the Walkup line!
  • If you came to the library in a car, stay in it and call! We only have two phone lines so if you get a busy signal, just keep hitting that redial button. Once you get through to a Lacey Library staffer, they will assign you a number. Until you get your number, you can stay in the comfort of your car.
  •  Please note that Lacey Library phone lines are only open from 10 am-5 pm. If you call before 10 am, leave us a message and we’ll call you back during Takeout hours.
  • If you want to hedge your bets and don’t mind standing outside, we suggest that you keep trying to call while you’re waiting in the Takeout line. If you get through to the library, please step outside of the line so that others can continue to move forward.
  •  We are prioritizing people with disabilities who use our handicapped parking and moving them to the front of the line. If you park in the handicapped parking, walk up to the sidewalk closest to where you parked and we will serve you next.
  • Please stay back until you are called up to our takeout station- we are trying very hard to keep our patrons safe and distanced. It may seem like we are ready for the next person, but there’s a method to our madness. We don’t call more than one patron up at a time in order to reduce crossing paths.
  • You can use our drive-through book drop to return items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You do not need to stand in the Library Takeout line to return items!Thank you so much for utilizing our Takeout service! Stay tuned for Library Grab Bags and other services as we figure out the best ways to serve our community while abiding by our Washington state Safe Start guidelines.