In Memoriam

Carol Getchman: 1936-2017
She shared her love of books.


Carol Getchman was a devoted and active member of Friends of the Lacey Library from the very beginning.  April 10, 1972 was the first informal meeting and she became the first Co-President, effective May 8, 1972. She was there raising funds for the new library. She was there at every Friends meeting. She was there for every forum and gathering of the Friends. She was there when Lacey Loves to Read was initiated. She was there when the first quilt show was displayed in the library.

She with her husband, Art, took on the most difficult and demanding job with the Friends. In 1972, beginning with a little kiosk inside our Market Square location, Carol and Art began our book sales, which they continued to manage until 2005. Today, we have many volunteers who help with our sales. But for years, it was primarily Carol and Art who organized and advertised them; collected, sorted, stored and set up the books; and collected the money. In later years, Carol recruited and trained book sale volunteers. She and Art were both greatly missed when, because of poor health, they had to relinquish the book sales to another volunteer. She continued to attend Friends meetings and give her recommendations, plus participated in the Monday sorting of books.

We, the Friends, miss her and grieve with her family.

by Dee Corwin and Charlotte Hunter

Oldies but goodies at February 2017 book sale

morning-paper 640x580Beginning readers are in for a treat. We have vintage LeapPad Starts for sale (roughly 20) with lots of books to go with them. Pads will run at $5 a piece and books at $1 or less. Might want to consider becoming a member to get these puppies at the Friday pre-sale before the rest of the public the very next day.

We also have a good collection of VHS movies and music CDs for sale along with the our regular supply of non-fiction, mysteries, children’s books, fiction and other miscellaneous items (it’s always a surprise on what turns up).

Count on the best prices around: $1 hardbacks and trade paperbacks, 25-cent paperbacks (less if you buy five at a time) and children’s books that start at 25 cents.

Sale particulars:
Friday, February 3–1 pm to 4:30 pm (members pre-sale*)
Saturday, February 4–9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Lacey Timberland Library, 500 College Street SE.  Turn right in the foyer toward the meeting room.

*Join the Friends and gain access to this pre-sale. Memberships are available at the door: $5 individuals and $10 family.

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FoLL 2017 Annual Membership Meeting

follannualmeetingflyer2jan-142017JOIN US ON SATURDAY, JAN. 14 2017 at NOON

Friends of the Lacey Library Annual Membership Meeting

Where: The meeting room at the Lacey Timberland Library

Program:  The Ancient Fruitcake. This talk is not about the old leftovers in the fridge. It is about food that is so old, so unusual, or so meaningful, that no one dares throw it away.  During this “chew and chat,” author and broadcaster Harriet Baskas explores how and why these and other formerly fresh foods may have been forgotten, intentionally tucked away, or preserved due to unusual or peculiar

Join other members for lunch.  Sandwich/Veggies/Dessert/Beverage will be served.

Approve the 2017 Budget.

Elect officers: Becky Russell and Paul Brunner have been nominated for Treasurer and Vice-President respectively.

Renew your 2017 Membership.

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