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Meet Our Library Manager: Holly

Holly is the Library Manager for the Lacey Timberland Library and Hawks Prairie Branch. She has been a Friends of the Lacey Library member for 10 years, and her favorite book is “Thud!” by Terry Pratchett!

When asked why she joined the Friends, this is what she had to say:

“Because they are amazing! The Friends of the Lacey Timberland Library are some of the most generous, giving, organized, energetic, and community-minded people I’ve ever met. Collaborating with them to bring programs, building improvements, and other services is one of my favorite parts of my job as library manager. Lacey doesn’t have a brick & mortar bookstore, so I love that the Friends provide ongoing book sales at both of our Lacey branches. The books are always in great quality and at affordable prices thanks to the dedicated efforts of our Friends volunteers. Their support of our library and our community makes me proud to be a member.”

Holly is very supportive of the Friends:

“As the library manager for the Lacey & Hawks Prairie Timberland Libraries, I am the liaison between Timberland Regional Library and the Friends of the Lacey Library 501(c)3 non-profit organization. While I met them through my job, I will be a Friend long after I retire! That’s how much I believe in their mission of literacy, library, and community support. As the library manager, I work with library staff, our community stakeholders, and our Friends leadership to develop an annual budget for programming, outreach, and facility support. I advocate on behalf of the Friends by letting community groups know about opportunities to donate gently used books, how to become a member, who to contact for planned giving opportunities (either in life or as part of estate planning), and work to ensure that our partnership is successful for both our organizations.”