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Library Closed? You can still check out digital books!

So you are spending more time at home and you’ve run out of books to read. The library is closed. What to do?

Using the Overdrive app you can still browse, check out, and download digital ebooks and audiobooks from the Timberland Regional Library. Most books are in Kindle and EPUB formats, as well as Overdrive’s own ebook reader. The app can be downloaded at both the  App Store and Google Play. To visit Overdrive on the Internet, click below.

Don’t own a Kindle or Nook? Most ebook readers have apps that can be downloaded and used on any device: cell phone, tablet, laptop or PC. And Overdrive has created Libby, an ebook reader and audiobook player in one. It is integrated with Overdrive, so you can browse the catalogue, check out, download, and read or listen to your book, all in one app! To learn more about Libby, click below.

Magazines more your thing? You can subscribe to all of your favorite magazines with RB Digital, and it’s free! Each time a new issue comes out an email is sent to your inbox. Click on a link and download the latest magazine in digital form to your device. Click below to learn more.Even with the lights off and the doors locked, the Lacey Timberland Library is still serving its patrons. So download an ebook, get comfortable, take a deep breath, and relax!